Rich Brueckner Interview on B2B Marketing Hacks

March 22, 2017 Rich 0

As a reporter focused on the High Performance Computing market, I have interviewed hundreds of people about everything from Startups to Supercomputing. Well, the tables were turned recently when I was the featured interview on the Bright People blog.

Toast’s Wooden Skins for 2016 Macbook Pro

January 29, 2017 Rich 0

I have been a fan of custom, wooden skins for laptops for a number of years now. So when my favorite vendor from Brooklyn went belly up recently, I was left out in the cold. Like many Apple enthusiasts, I had been waiting to upgrade my Macbook for a number […]

Video: 10gen Delivers Agility with Open Source MongoDB

January 28, 2016 Rich 0

In this video, 10gens’s Jared Rosoff and Max Schireson discuss how the MongoDB database software delivers agility and scalability for the enterprise. MongoDB is a scalable, high-performance, open source, document-oriented database. Founded by former DoubleClick Founder and CTO Dwight Merriman and former DoubleClick engineer and ShopWiki Founder and CTO Eliot […]

Video: ExtraHop Startup Evolves Application Performance Management (APM)

January 20, 2016 Rich 0

In this video, Jesse Rothstein from ExtraHop Networks presents: The Evolution of Application Performance Management (APM). ExtraHop Networks provides agentless, network-based application performance management (APM) solutions to ensure that business-critical transactions do not fail. With the ExtraHop Application Delivery Assurance system, IT teams gain unmatched real-time visibility for mapping and […]

Slidecast: Avere’s Global Namespace Brings SSD Speed to NAS

January 15, 2016 Rich 0

In this slidecast, Avere President & CEO Ron Bianchini explains how the company’s newly announced Global Namespace (GNS) capability will allow organizations to tame NAS sprawl resulting from enormous growth in unstructured data. With Avere’s GNS, storage administrators can easily create and manage logical groupings of file-based resources regardless of […]

Portland Startup Joins Land Rover Incubator

January 11, 2016 Rich 0

Portland startup has been selected to be part of the inaugural cohort of Jaguar Land Rover’s new tech incubator in Portland, OR. The partnership between one of the world’s foremost automobile companies, Jaguar Land Rover, combined with’ expertise and experience in “smart cities,” analytics, communications, and information technology […]

Slidecast: Strategic Blue is Your Broker for the Cloud

January 3, 2016 Rich 0

In this slidecast, James Mitchell, Founder & CEO of Strategic Blue discusses how his company acts as a Cloud Services Brokerage, providing financial intermediation services to corporate customers using Infrastructure as a Service (“IaaS”). Strategic Blue takes over the client billing process from cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services […]

Video: PriceAdvice – The Blue Book for Everything Else

December 30, 2015 Rich 0

In this slidecast, Ira Williams from PriceAdvice provides an overview of the company and describes how they help consumers value items for resale. We want consumers to know they’re getting the best and most up-to-date prices for any used item they want to buy,” said Ira Williams, president of iTaggit. […]