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Register Now for the StartupHPC Summit at SC15

October 11, 2015 Rich 0

The good folks from the StartupHPC-15 Conference have posted the Agenda for their meeting at SC15. The day-long conference takes place Monday, Nov 16 in Austin at the Capital Factory in Downtown Austin, Texas. Does your Startup have ties to High Performance Computing? Please come, meet like minded people, listen […]

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Video: Startup Weekend Focuses on Female Entrepreneurs

July 3, 2015 Rich 0

In this video, Julie Sandler from Madrona Venture Group introduces Startup Weekend’s Women’s Edition in Seattle. The entrepreneurial talent we see from women in Seattle is inspiring, and we are excited about creating an event that will showcase it. A big goal for the event is also to provide the […]

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Stephen Key’s One Simple Idea for Startups

August 8, 2014 Rich 0

In this video, Stephen Key, the entrepreneur behind the Teddy Ruxpin toys, describes his book One Simple Idea for Startups and Entrepreneurs: Live Your Dreams and Create Your Own Profitable Company.

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Manifest Insights: Dashboards for your Data

July 28, 2014 Rich 0

Manifest Insights is new Startup from Portland that develops powerful dashboards that visualize today’s on-premise and off-premise data in a flash. In this video, we catch up with CEO Dan Blaisdell to learn more.

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Litan: American Entrepreneurship in Decline

July 24, 2014 Rich 0

In this video, Robert Litan, Senior Fellow in Economic Studies at the Brookings Institution describes why U.S. entrepreneurship needs a boost. New Startups have declined from an average of 600,000 per year to less than 400,000 and five year survival rates are down as well.

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Video: Why Startups Need to Solve Real Problems

June 30, 2014 Rich 0

In this video, Alexis Madrigal from The Atlantic presents: The Jig is Up – Why Startups Need To Solve Real Problems. Alexis Madrigal thinks our modern entrepreneurial climate has a problem: we’re not solving big problems anymore. The startup boom in the late 90s gave birth to revolutionary mobile devices. […]

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Video: Stephen Key’s One Simple Idea for Startups

June 25, 2014 Rich 0

In this video, Stephen Key stops by the Googeplex to discuss his latest book, One Simple Idea for Startups. You can find his book on Google Play. How many times have you seen a product and thought, “I know how to make that better”?How is it that no one has […]

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Choose Influential Customers First

May 9, 2014 Rich 0

“You’ll find pockets where one kind of customer influences another, and some customer classes who are widely influential, or influential to several important adjacent customer classes. Think of this as a gradient of influence among your customers.”