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Video: DailyPath Startup Can Teach You Just About Anything

November 27, 2015 Rich 0

In this video, Ryan Waggoner, cofounder of DailyPath, talks about the innovative way they are making online learning easier for everyone. DailyPath is a community of people learning and accomplishing new things together. Pick your Path, subscribe in 10 seconds, and get a short, actionable lesson in your inbox every […]

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Podcast: Spotlight TMS Helps You Get the Most From Your Tickets

September 13, 2015 Rich 1

In this slidecast, Tony Knopp from Spotlight TMS describes how the company helps corporate ticket buyers to get the most from their purchases. Spotlight Ticket Management is essential for any company spending over $70,000 on tickets and hospitality assets. Ticket to events provides significant business return and a competitive advantage […]

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Video: License123 Keeps Your Small Business in Compliance

August 8, 2015 Rich 1

In this video, Michael Sheridan from DocStoc presents: License123: Keep Your Small Business in Compliance. With License123, you can access the complete list of federal, state, and local permits your business needs to legally operate. It’s true that a lot of jurisdictions have this information online,” said Michael Sheridan from […]

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Startup Crowdsources Your New Slogan

July 6, 2015 Rich 0

Do you lack the funds to hire an agency to make your company sparkle? A new Startup called Slogan Slingers pits professional writers against each other to create catchy slogans and taglines for small businesses. Now businesses small and large can have a pool of exclusively crafted slogans and taglines […]

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Sumazi Startup Connects You With People You Should Know

May 4, 2015 Rich 0

In this video, the good folks from Sumazi show you how their Startup intelligently connects you to the people you don’t know but should. We leverage your personal and extended networks to discover and introduce you to the people and opportunities that can potentially change your world. Sumazi was founded […]

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Interview: Schedulicity Eases Online Appointment Scheduling

April 24, 2015 Rich 1

In this video, Jerry Nettuno, Founder and CEO of Schedulicity describes how the company helps service businesses schedule appointments. Long gone are the days of juggling phone calls and appointment books or compromising the daily work flow to schedule future appointments. It only takes 15 minutes for a small business […]

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Video: CareZone Startup Keeps Family Health Organized

July 20, 2014 Rich 0

In this video, Former Sun Microsystems CEO and co-founder/CEO of CareZone Jonathan Schwartz stops by the CNN Newsroom to talk about cloud-based health services. CareZone is a safe place to get organized, stay up to date, and coordinate with family and helpers. We provide a set of services (detailed below), […]

Map Your Trips with Go Pro Travelling

March 29, 2014 Rich 0

Go pro travelling allows you to plan your travels whether you have dates or not and automatically make an animated map of your journey for you to keep. With Go Pro Travelling you can plan day by day, determine walking distances to nearby places of interest or vehicle routes to your next destination and search among 250.000 hotels worldwide.