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Get Your Startup Going with Marketing 101

September 30, 2011 Rich 0

Clipped from: (share this clip) The MBA Highway blog gives Startups a quick course on Marketing 101: Most start-ups usually fall short because they don’t have a marketing plan and a sales strategy. In the dramatically competitive and challenging business environment, it is not enough to do something well; […]

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Crash Courses – An Online Boot Camp for Entrepreneurs

September 29, 2011 Rich 0

Clipped from: (share this clip) Today, American Express and New York Startup Veri announced the launch of Crash Courses, a new, disruptive learning platform designed for entrepreneurs. The online, interactive social learning platform will educate entrepreneurs on how to implement important business functions into their organizations—everything from the Art […]

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Video: Crockett & Bowie – An Authorized FFL Firearms Dealer Startup

September 27, 2011 Rich 0

httpv:// Can you really buy guns over the Internet? Not really, but you can shop. In this video, Mike Bernhardt of Crockett & Bowie discusses the advantages of purchasing a quality firearm from an experienced, veteren-owned business. We take great pride in working with our clients to provide advice and […]

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Cloud Computing Providers a Growing Target Market for Startups

September 25, 2011 Rich 0

James Hamilton from AWS writes that it’s a clear sign that the Cloud Computing market is exploding when Startups begin to target cloud providers as their primary market. An excellent example of this new trend of startups aiming to sell to the Cloud Computing market is SolidFire which targets the […]

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Why Tech Startups Won’t Save Us from Recession

September 24, 2011 Rich 0

Tom Foremski takes issue with the notion that Tech Startups will save us from the recession: Last year I spoke with Bob Ackerman, a leading Silicon Valley venture capitalist and founder of Allegis Capital. He said that many startups are being bought by larger companies because they can’t IPO. “Startups […]

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A New Business in Five Easy Steps

September 23, 2011 Rich 0

Clipped from: (share this clip) In this special guest feature, James Kim from gets your new business going with five easy steps. Whether you are sick and tired of the office politics, or you just want to do something you love and earn money from it, setting up […]

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Building a Movement for Your Startup

September 23, 2011 Rich 0

With your Startup, are you building an Empire (Amazon), a Powderkeg (Twitter), or a Movement? Gabriel Weinberg writes that beginning with the wrong expectation will greatly increase your chances of failure. When you have your idea, you like to think of it as a “game-changer,” i.e. an empire or a […]

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Video: From Just an Idea to a Business

September 22, 2011 Rich 0

In this video, Scott Hamlin, the founder of the innovative upcycling company Looptworks, shares his views on the importance of knowing who your customers will be, how you’re going to distribute your product and what makes it meaningful and different. Figure out how to sell it first. If you can […]

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Video: Meet the Startup – CPusage

September 21, 2011 Rich 0

httpv:// In this video episode of Meet the Startup, Jeff Martens, cofounder of CPUsage, discusses his new startup and how you might utilize your computer’s downtime.

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Don’t Be So Friggin Strategic

September 19, 2011 Rich 0

Sriram Krishnan writes that sometimes Startups have to try to not be so friggin strategic: If there’s one thing I’ve learnt in the corporate world, it is that a staggering amount of ‘strategic analysis’ is nonsense and guesswork. There’s nothing wrong in admitting that. Figuring out the market, what the […]