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Startup Texas Launches to Bring Jobs to Austin

November 30, 2011 Rich 0

Clipped from: (share this clip) Today marked the launch of Startup Texas. The Startup Texas initiative has its roots in Austin. There, in collaboration with, and using the guiding principles of, the Startup America partnership the Austin team is working to coordinate both public and private sector entities in […]

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Solarflare Startup Does Application Acceleration at SC11

November 29, 2011 Rich 0

httpv:// In this video, Solarflare President and CEO Russel Stern describes the company’s kernel bypass technology designed to deliver exremely low latency for extreme application performance. Solarflare has enjoyed great success in financial markets at places like the New York Stock Exchange and is now taking their solutions to the […]

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Video: StackIQ Startup Makes Big Data Deployment a Breeze

November 28, 2011 Rich 0

httpv:// In this video Tim McIntire from StackIQ discusses how the company’s Big Infrastructure Management soluitons make it easy to deploy cloud computing for Big Data applications. Analyzing Big Data takes a lot of computing power. We’ve spent the last 10 years building enterprise-class software that makes the task of […]

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Pureforge Startup Uses Rocket Science to Make Brakes That Last

November 21, 2011 Rich 0

Clipped from: (share this clip) A new Startup called PureForge has come up with a novel idea to extend the life of brake rotors and pads. The company looks to be on a roll, having tested the performance of its brake systems in fleets of police motorcycles in western […]

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How to Win a Pitch Competition

November 15, 2011 Rich 0

Alain Raynaud writes that you don’t need the best idea to win a pitch competition. What if Facebook pitched itself as a “social network where friends could see activity from other friends and share pictures. Oh, and users could also post pages they like.” Would you be interested? What if […]

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Building a Prelaunch Page for Your Startup

November 14, 2011 Rich 0

Bob Walsh writes Startups can survive anything except obscurity. To combat this, one very effective approach is creating a prelaunch page for your startup. Your modest objectives for this page are threefold: win a tiny modicum of attention, get permission to at least announce (if not market) via email your […]

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1% Of Nothing To Get Startups Donating Equity

November 13, 2011 Rich 0

Clipped from: (share this clip) Josh Constine writes that a new Startup called 1% of Nothing aims to inspire early-stage companies to donate 1% of their equity to a cause of their choice. Co-Founder Matt Galligan had already seen the potential of the 1% model. He pledged 1% of […]