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Solarflare Startup Does HPC Processing on a “Bump in the Wire”

November 30, 2012 Rich 0

In this video from SC12, Solarflare CEO Russell Stern describes the company’s new “bump in the wire” ApplicationOnLoad Engine (AOE). By enabling applications to be processed on the fly right on the NIC server adapter, the company is opening up a new paradigm of computation, ransforming the way networks process […]

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Video: PR Tips for Startups

November 29, 2012 Rich 0

Preparing for PR: Five Hot Tips for Startups from MaRS Discovery District on Vimeo. In this video, Mary Keating and Monta Johnson of Hill+Knowlton Strategies discuss what a startup needs to have in place before it is ready for public relations.

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Video: Crio Cocoa Espresso Kickstarter Set to Tantalize your Tastebuds

November 28, 2012 Rich 0

It’s not often that my kid brings me stories for inside-Startups, but he loves chocolate and this kickstarter video on Cocoa Espresso from Crio sure got his attention. Crio Espresso extracts to make an extraordinarily sweet, delicious, chocolaty espresso shot with a deep, natural, mocha flavor and a rich head […]

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Video: Inktank Startup Boosts Open Source Ceph File System for HPC

November 27, 2012 Rich 0

In this video from SC12, Neil Levine from Inktank describes the company’s efforts to commercialize and support the Ceph open source file system. With high reliability and nearly unlimited scalability, Ceph has great potential for Big Data applications as well as an enabling technology for Exascale computing.

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Why Business Cards Shouldn’t be an Afterthought for your Startup

November 25, 2012 Rich 0

Devon-based entrepreneur Leslie Harding writes that business cards remain a very important element of getting your Startup off the ground. Your cards should express you and what you do. They should be eye catching and have relevant information on them only. You should stick to the simple, “who, what, where, […]

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10 Tips on Business Development for Your Startup

November 21, 2012 Rich 0

Ian Hogarth from Soundkick writes that you need to think through Business Development for your Startup and not do it as an afterthought. Work as hard after the deal as before. Account management can be a great differentiator for your platform. Once you’ve done all the hard work to close […]

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Big Thinkers on Big Data: Auren Hoffman from LiveRamp

November 20, 2012 Rich 0

In this video, Auren Hoffman from LiveRamp describes how Startups are in a better position to advantage of open source and capitalize on the potential of the Big Data market. Big data isn’t just for big companies anymore, it’s for everyone says Auren Hoffman, Live Ramp CEO and RapLeaf Chairman. […]

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Video: The Amazing Growth of Dropbox

November 19, 2012 Rich 0

In this video, Om Malik discusses the amazing growth of Dropbox with the company’s founder and CEO, Drew Houston. Dropbox is an online storage success story and if recent numbers are to believed, then it is headed for even greater glory. Competition from Google has not impacted their growth. And […]

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Landing the Big Fish at Your Startup

November 14, 2012 Rich 0

Anand Dass from writes that the sales approach for your Startup that worked for a smaller customer doesn’t always work for a larger one. I realized that it is important to map the various people in the prospect organization and understand what their individual motivations are. Once I mapped […]