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OutServe Founder Hops on the Startup Bus

February 28, 2013 Rich 0

Over at the HuffPost Blog, Josh Seefried from OutServe-SLDN writes about why he joined up with the Startup Bus on its journey to SXSW in Austin this year. We will have 72 hours to conceive, build and launch a startup as we travel by bus from various cities across the […]

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Krisztina “Z” Holly on the Process of Innovation

February 27, 2013 Rich 0

In this video, White House Advisor and TEDx founder Krisztina “Z” Holly discusses why innovation is a process. The interview was recorded on the Unreasonable at Sea, which is now mid-way through its 100-day voyage with entrepreneurs around the world.

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Video: Creating Buddhist Startups

February 26, 2013 Rich 0

In this video from the Buddhist Geeks Conference, Rohan Gunatillake shares with us his thoughts on creating Buddhist startups and his personal experience building his mobile meditation app, buddhify.

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Huffington’s Top Ten Lessons for Entrepreneurs

February 25, 2013 Rich 0

Over at the HuffPost, Ariana Huffington shares her Top Ten lessons for entrepreneurs: Find hope in the world by focusing on abundance. “I think the world is like watching a split screen. Depending on which side you are looking at you can be hopeful or despairing,” Arianna said. “I focus […]

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Podcast: Excelegrade Digital Testing Platform Wins Startup Riot

February 24, 2013 Rich 0

In this podcast, Sanjay Parekh from the Startup Riot discusses how the annual event brings entrepreneurs together with VCs and Angel investors. We also get a chance to talk to the most recent winner of the Riot competition, Lauren Miller from Excelegrade. Excelegrade is a platform that allows teachers to […]

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Video: Unreasonable at Sea Sets Sail

February 23, 2013 Rich 0

In this video, Unreasonable at Sea founder Daniel Epstein describes why he believes the world needs to bet on entrepreneurs as he outlines the promise of this unique program.

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Slidecast: MicroPod HPC – Your Personal Parallel Computer

February 21, 2013 Rich 0

In this slidecast, Josh Judd from Warp Mechanics describes MicroPod HPC initiative. Currently a Kickstarter project, MicroPod HPC will enable users to “stand up” a parallel computer using inexpensive commodity hardware, or even use the images as VMs to run a completely virtual development environment. The MicroPod HPC is a […]

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Ten Reasons to Why You Might Want to be an Entrepreneur

February 20, 2013 Rich 0

Over at Inc. Magazine, Ilya Pozin writes about the 10 Best Reasons to Be an Entrepreneur. Susan Strayer Lamotte, a leader in talent acquisition and HR, says she’s motivated simply by “doing great work. That’s the difference,” she explains. “All the other stuff is gravy, but as an entrepreneur, I […]

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Kaufman Labs Serve up Pitches at 1 Million Cups

February 19, 2013 Rich 0

In this video, Nate Olsen from 1 Million Cups describes how their weekly community networking events for entrepreneurs provide a platform to pitch ideas, ask for help, and inspire a crowd. Read the Full Story.