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Algorithm Predicts Whether Startups Will Succeed

April 30, 2013 Rich 0

Over at Oregon Business, Linda Baker writes that Thomas Thurston from Growth Science has created a model that accurately predicts whether or not a Startup will succeed. How does Thurston’s model work? It’s rooted in the mountains of data he has collected on market and corporate dynamics, including the anticipation […]

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Video: How to Use Open Source for Your Startup

April 28, 2013 Rich 0

In this video, Chris DiBona, Director of Open Source at Google, discusses how your startup should use open source software. It’s a given that you should use open source and perhaps contribute as well, but there are tricks to doing it correctly, so that you can scale, so you don’t […]

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Coworks Startup First to Drive Quality in Online Freelancing

April 24, 2013 Rich 0

Coworks is a new freelancing platform that uses social recommendations to promote top-quality, rewarding collaborations between creative freelancers and their clients. Traditional online freelancing solutions provide buyers with literally thousands or even millions of freelancers to choose from,” says Jill Gutierrez, Community Manager at Coworks. “For quality creative services, this […]

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Video: Crushpath is a New Way to Pitch

April 23, 2013 Rich 0

In this video, the Crushpath Startup showcases a new way to pitch anything, including yourself. We change the sales software game by allowing anyone, salesperson or not, a simple way to pitch and keep track of their relationships. Today, everyone’s pitching something, but what do we have to help us? […]

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Why Shop When You Can Share with Yerdle?

April 22, 2013 Rich 0

A new Startup called Yerdle asks the question, “Why shop when you can share?” This is the power of sharing. At you can share or loan out things you already own to your friends and family, saving them money and saving the planet! Read the Full Story.

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Aeon Computing Lustre Storage at LUG 2013

April 21, 2013 Rich 0

In this video from LUG 2013, Jeff Johnson from Startup Aeon Computing presents an overview of the company’s innovative Lustre storage solutions. There are many storage solutions available in the market but not all of them do Lustre well. We set out to design a Lustre platform that was good […]