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Startups Offer Easy Access to Machine Learning

June 30, 2013 Rich 0

Over at GigaOM, Derrick Harris writes that there are now more choices for businesses that want out-of-the-box functionality for machine learning, predictive analytics and general data science. An offspring of Greenplum (former Greenplum parent company EMC is an investor, in fact), Alpine Data Labs is doing what amounts to Microsoft […]

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How to Demo Your App and Knock ’em Dead

June 29, 2013 Rich 0

  Over at Medium, Sheehan Alam shares some great tips for for nailing an iPhone app demo during a presentation. I have done my fair share of iPhone app demos. Having botched many of them (Murphy’s Law seems to be ever present whenever I take the floor), I wanted to […]

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Video: What is Startup Engineering?

June 27, 2013 Rich 0

In this video, Merrick Furst from FlashPoint leads off a discussion series with a focus on perceived reality vs. actual reality in the world of Startups. What is Startup Engineering? It all starts with accepting the fact you might not be connected to reality. Your job is to uncover an […]

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Energy Efficient BrownDwarf Supercomputer Changes the Game at ISC’13

June 25, 2013 Rich 0

In this video from ISC’13, Ian Lintault from nCore HPC describes the company’s innovative BrownDwarf supercomputer technology. The BrownDwarf Y-Class system is an incredibly important milestone in HPC system development,” said Ian Lintault, managing director of nCore HPC. “Working in close collaboration with TI, IDT and our hardware partner Prodrive, […]

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Video: Startups, Entrepreneurs, and Ninja Innovation

June 23, 2013 Rich 0

In this video, authors Steve Blank and Gary Shapiro discuss how how Startups can apply “ninja innovation” for success. How can you become a Ninja Innovator — and follow Steve Blank’s advice to “get out of the building” to create and launch your own successful start-up? This program will introduce […]

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New Portland HPC Startup is ARMed and Dangerous

June 22, 2013 Rich 0

In a 2009 interview with insideHPC, data scientist Thomas Thurston talked about research he had done predicting ARM CPUs were on a path to disrupt X86 in HPC. This was the first time most of us had considered the idea of cell phone CPUs someday being relevant for HPC and, […]

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Video: Three Startups Exploit Hyperlocality

June 18, 2013 Rich 0

In this video, Christine Tsai from 500 Startups introduces a discussion on Hyperlocality with demos from the following Startups: Steve Espinoza, CEO, Appstack Saumil Mehta, CEO, LocBox Jeremy Mims, Co-founder, OwnLocal

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nCore HPC Rolls Out BrownDwarf ARM DSP Supercomputer

June 17, 2013 Rich 0

We don’t get the chance to announce new players in the HPC space very often, especially from our hometown of Portland. Today newcomers nCore HPC announced the BrownDwarf Y-class supercomputer, a heterogeneous ARM- and DSP-based system designed for green high performance computing. With its unique parallel computing architecture and a […]

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How Small Business Can Grow with Big Data

June 13, 2013 Rich 0

Over at Entrepreneur Magazine, Mikal E. Belicove writes that of the power of Big Data for small business is “knowing the now.” If your business can gain insight from data-logging sensors, you can distill that knowledge into timely, intelligent decisions and trigger the right action at the right time. Or, […]