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Slidecast: Lessonpaths – Crowdsourced Learning Made Easy

February 17, 2014 Rich 0

In this video, Kris Chinosorn from MentorMob (now known as Lesson Paths) presents a demo on how easy it is to crowdsource learning using the MentorMob playlist software. MentorMob isn’t just for learning guitar, in the above example, you can learn how to program Ruby on Rails. Download the MP3 […]

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Crafting a Disruptive Business Model

February 8, 2014 Rich 0

Matthew E. May writes about how to craft a disruptive business model: The word “disruptive” is bandied about when referring to surprising new entrants into an industry, new players with new technology, and sudden competition coming from unlikely sources. But once you have the as-is Business Model Canvas completed, there […]

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Start-Up Entrepreneurs – Get Ready For An Emotional Ride!

February 5, 2014 Rich 0

We may tend to think of Startup Entreprenuers as icy-cold, lazer-focused characters like the Mark Zuckerberg depicted in The Social Network. The truth is that Startups can be an emotional ride, which blogger Karen Waksman writes about in a new post. The truth is that Entrepreneurs are getting bombarded with […]

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5 Tips from a Serial Entrepreneur

February 4, 2014 Rich 0

Serial entrepreneur Farid Naib has posted five lessons learned along the way: All businesses face the same types of issues and problems. Every day, I ask myself the same questions: How do I adapt to a changing marketplace? How do I get my message out and reach potential customers? How […]