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MapD Startup Wins $100K with GPU-Powered Big Data

March 31, 2014 Rich 0

How would you like to win $100 for your Startup? In this video from GTC 2014, Todd Mostak from MapD demonstrates the company’s GPU-powered in-memory relational database software for Big Data. The company was declared as the winner of the GPU Technology Conference’s Early Stage Challenge this year, and they will be going home with a cool $100,000 check.

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Video: Technology So Advanced, it’s just Gibberish!

March 30, 2014 Rich 0

Here is an early April Fool’s video. Tech Startups sometimes get enamored in their own jargon. In this parody video, Sun Microsystems employees talk shop. The company had its own technology dialect, and those who couldn’t understand it were expected to issue a Purchase Order anyway. Maybe that’s why the […]

Map Your Trips with Go Pro Travelling

March 29, 2014 Rich 0

Go pro travelling allows you to plan your travels whether you have dates or not and automatically make an animated map of your journey for you to keep. With Go Pro Travelling you can plan day by day, determine walking distances to nearby places of interest or vehicle routes to your next destination and search among 250.000 hotels worldwide.

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Why It’s Smart to Work at a No-shot Startup

March 25, 2014 Rich 0

Randall Bennet over at the Startup Foundry writes that your best bet may be to go to work for the Startups that aren’t getting the money and attention from VCs: While some companies do fit the Valley pipe-dream, we think there are many more startups who don’t have a shot […]

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The Day After You Get Funded

March 25, 2014 Rich 1

StartTawheed Kader (TK) writes that your day job really doesn’t change that much the day after you get funded: The point is that the day after you get funded is like any other day that you are running your business. Getting funded is not some magical event where all your […]

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What You Get For Nothing Is Priceless

March 22, 2014 Rich 0

John Williams writes that you shouldn’t let a little thing like money get in the way of launching your Startup: From the initial budget to managing overhead, creating a business from slim funds is a hands-on sink-or-swim crash course in keeping a business afloat. When it’s your money, your whole […]

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Infographic: The Power of Logos

March 18, 2014 Rich 0

Over at Finances Online, Alex Hillsberg and Chris Sibbet write that many of the powerhouse brands we think of today came from very humble (and cheap) roots. Logos also create value. Interbrand’s 14th Best Global Brand reported that there’s a new number one brand in the world last year: Apple. […]

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5 Reasons Angels Will Walk

March 16, 2014 Rich 0

Angel investor Ty Danco posts the five sure-fire things that will make him walk away from an investment: 4.You don’t follow through. This is another “tell”, as poker players say. This won’t be evident at a first meeting, but in the follow-up. Dharmesh and many other angels are correct in saying […]

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Why the Google Method is Wrong for Your Startup

March 12, 2014 Rich 0

Paul Hontz writes that the Google method of building a Startup is a recipe for disaster for most new ventures: The “Google Method” breaks down into a simple equation: Free + Lots of users + ads= The Google Method. There is nothing inherently wrong with this formula, but it’s a […]