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The One Minute Entrepreneur

April 30, 2014 Rich 0

Daniel Tenner writes that the best solution for entrepreneurs is not always the one you know. Every problem may look like a nail at first, but if you spend a minute thinking about it, and consider other possible types of solutions, you may realise that a screwdriver may be better […]

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Video: Derek Sivers presents The Art of Profitability

April 27, 2014 Rich 0

Derek Sivers – Art of Profitability from Derek Sivers on Vimeo. In this video, Derek Sivers presents: The Art of Profitability. The book, The Art of Profitability by Adrian Slywotzky provides 25 different models of profitability presented in examples you can relate to your own business, making you realize profit-sources […]

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21 Fundraising Tips for AngelList

April 25, 2014 Rich 0

Active Angels Ty Danco and Dharmesh Shah have posted 21 funding tips for Startups looking to leverage AngelList: AngelList may be a game-changer, but most of the same rules are still in place. Angels still look for the same elements in a startup as always: a strong team; meaningful milestones; […]

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The Startup Law of Comparative Advantage

April 23, 2014 Rich 0

David Ricardo’s economic Law of Comparative Advantage says that two parties can both gain if, in the absence of trade, they have different relative costs for producing the same goods. VC Jeffrey Bussgang writes that too often, entrepreneurs ignore this law and spend their time on the wrong things: Unfortunately, […]

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5 Lessons Learned from a 5-Year Entrepreneur

April 20, 2014 Rich 0

Erik Wolf has posted his lessons learned after five years of being an entrepreneur: “Sales” doesn’t work. Everyone hates the “buy me” salesperson — that guy or gal armed with a briefcase full of brochures, hurling business cards at every warm body they see as if they were throwing stars, […]

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ExtremeTechChallenge Offers Grand Prize Time with Richard Branson

April 6, 2014 Rich 0

  While there are all kinds of Startup contests out there, few can offer a prize as compelling as time with Billionaire Richard Branson. That’s the tempting prize being offered by the ExtremeTechChallenge. The ExtremeTechChallenge aims to bring out the best entrepreneurs and provide them with cash, infrastructure and world-class […]