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Podcast: Intergence – 6 Steps to Cloud Heaven

May 31, 2014 Rich 0

In this podcast, Intergence CEO Peter Job describes how the company takes businesses onto the Road to Cloud Heaven. Download the MP3 * Subscribe on iTunes * If Dropbox is blocked, download from this Google page.

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Slidecast: Defining a Zero Client

May 24, 2014 Rich 0

In this video, Parmeet Chaddha from Pano Logic presents: Defining a Zero Client. Pano System 5.0 includes everything you need to deploy virtual desktops on top of your VMware, Microsoft or Citrix virtualization platform. In one package and for one low price you get both our unique award-winning Pano Zero […]

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Slidecast: SPM.Python Expoits Parallelism with Fault Tolerance

May 22, 2014 Rich 0

In this slidecast, Minesh Amin from MBA Sciences presents on the latest release of SPM.Python. Amin was recently awarded a patent for the technology, which now includes support for exploiting parallelism using GPUs by way of PyCuda. With this new feature in place, SPM.Python enables programmers to exploit parallelism in […]

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Video: When Startups Change Course

May 16, 2014 Rich 0

In this video, Scott Olson from FounderBuzz interviews Tara Hunt, founder and CEO of Buyosphere. The company recently raised $350k after changing their business model to a shopping Q&A community. Buyosphere didn’t start out this way. Their business model adapted from a more user and data analytics intensive model that […]

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Three Keys to Startup Success

May 10, 2014 Rich 0

  Paul Graham has posted one of his talks from Harvard that focuses on the three things you need to be a successful startup: the idea, people, and what customers want. Google understands a few other things most Web companies still don’t. The most important is that you should put […]

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Choose Influential Customers First

May 9, 2014 Rich 0

“You’ll find pockets where one kind of customer influences another, and some customer classes who are widely influential, or influential to several important adjacent customer classes. Think of this as a gradient of influence among your customers.”

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Video: What Makes Great Products?

May 7, 2014 Rich 0

In this video, Marc Ferrentino from BMC describes his experience with what makes great products. In addition to solving a problem, Ferrentino underscores the importance of consistently delivering great experiences via product design. As a result, he notes the importance of having one person responsible for managing that experience choreography. […]

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Video: How to Promote a Business That is Hard to Explain

May 6, 2014 Rich 0

In this podcast, Maria Cirino describes how she co-founded i-Cube, which she then sold to Razorfish for $677 million. In 2006, she became the co-founder of .406 Ventures, where she is right now an early stage venture capital firm whose investments include Mashery, a provider of on-demand API management and […]