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Video: How GoodData Brings Insight to Big Data

July 29, 2014 Rich 0

In this video, Robert Scoble interviews Roman Stanek, founder and CEO of GoodData, a business intelligence company. Companies are spending billions on BI, but aren’t getting the insight they need into their data. BizData Monetization is a new strategy used to generate business value from data. GoodData Bashes provide real-time, […]

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Manifest Insights: Dashboards for your Data

July 28, 2014 Rich 0

Manifest Insights is new Startup from Portland that develops powerful dashboards that visualize today’s on-premise and off-premise data in a flash. In this video, we catch up with CEO Dan Blaisdell to learn more.

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Video: Coolest Startups in the Arctic15

July 27, 2014 Rich 0

In this video, The Kick Network heads to Arctic15, an annual conference for Startups in Nordic and Baltic countries. Along the way, they capture three quick demos from Ovelin, Cabforce and Good vs. Bad.

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Interview: Grant Cardone on the 10x Rule of Success

July 25, 2014 Rich 2

In this video, Grant Cardone discusses the principles of Sales Success in his book entitled: The 10x Rule. The 10X Rule unveils the principle of “Massive Action,” allowing you to blast through business cliches and risk-aversion while taking concrete steps to reach your dreams. It also demonstrates why people get […]

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Litan: American Entrepreneurship in Decline

July 24, 2014 Rich 0

In this video, Robert Litan, Senior Fellow in Economic Studies at the Brookings Institution describes why U.S. entrepreneurship needs a boost. New Startups have declined from an average of 600,000 per year to less than 400,000 and five year survival rates are down as well.

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Video: Building a Business on Open Source illumos

July 23, 2014 Rich 0

In this video, panelists discuss how to build a business based on the Illumos software environment. Recorded at Illumos Day 2012 in San Francisco. Panelists: Rod Boothby, Joyent; Bill Roth, Nexenta; Richard Elling, DEY; moderated by Deirdré Straughan.

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Video: CareZone Startup Keeps Family Health Organized

July 20, 2014 Rich 0

In this video, Former Sun Microsystems CEO and co-founder/CEO of CareZone Jonathan Schwartz stops by the CNN Newsroom to talk about cloud-based health services. CareZone is a safe place to get organized, stay up to date, and coordinate with family and helpers. We provide a set of services (detailed below), […]

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Video: Calyos 2-Phase Cooling for Electronic Components in HPC

July 18, 2014 Rich 0

In this video, Olivier de Laet from Calyos describes the company’s innovative two-phase cooling technology. Calyos is a provider of advanced 2-phase cooling solutions for electronic applications. Two platform products have been developed, one is already commercialized for power modules cooling and another one has been prototyped for electronic components […]

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Podcast: inside-Startups Starts Regular Gig at The PDX Beat

July 11, 2014 Rich 0

In this inaugural episode of The PDX Beat, Portland comedian Timothy Blackton revisits last week’s headlines; the Daily Blender’s Jennifer Heigl delivers food and drink news; instant-Startup’s Rich Brueckner talks tech; and special guest, Dan Halsted, catches us up on the Hollywood Theatre.