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insideStartups Video: Scavado Helps Recruiters Find, Recruit, & Win

October 31, 2015 Rich 0

In this video, Daniel Estrada from Scavado demonstrates the company’s easy to use recruitment search tool software. Scavado is a simple, powerful sourcing tool for proactive recruiters to find prospective candidates online, compile their contact information, and build a comprehensive pipeline of prospects to recruit. Download the MP3 * Subscribe […]

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Video: How Hadoop Powers Startups

October 26, 2015 Rich 0

Cloudera has a simple mission to help developers with big database problems. In this video, Cloudera CEO Mike Olson gives Scobilizer a tour through the major database changes that are hitting lots of startups now.

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Video: Ben Horowitz on Starting a Technology Company

October 22, 2015 Rich 0

In this video, Ben Horowitz, co-founder of Andreessen Horowitz, a $300 million venture fund, talks about how to found a technology company. Presented by UC Berkeleys College of Engineering’s Center for Entrepreneurship.

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Video: PerfectSearch Startup Does Big Data Search

October 19, 2015 Rich 0

In this slidecast, Tim Stay from PerfectSearch describes the company’s ultra-efficient search appliance software that is tailor-made for Big Data. PerfectSearch’s patented software enables search up to a billion documents using a single private cloud appliance. Compared to other solutions that can require more than 10 times the number of […]

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Register Now for the StartupHPC Summit at SC15

October 11, 2015 Rich 0

The good folks from the StartupHPC-15 Conference have posted the Agenda for their meeting at SC15. The day-long conference takes place Monday, Nov 16 in Austin at the Capital Factory in Downtown Austin, Texas. Does your Startup have ties to High Performance Computing? Please come, meet like minded people, listen […]

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Video: Tumblecloud Startup Makes Collaborative Digital Storytelling Easy

October 7, 2015 Rich 0

In this video, Brian Andreas from Tumblecloud demonstrates how the company makes collaborative digital storytelling easy. Tumblecloud. It’s all about collaboration. Designed from the ground up to actually make it easy to work on things together. To make it easy to share and work with each other’s digital stuff. Take […]