Video: CareZone Startup Lead by Sun’s Jonathan Schwartz Helps You Care for Family Members

In this video, Robert Scoble interviews Jonathan Schwartz, Chief Executive Officer of CareZone. The company provides a safe, private place to organize, store and manage everything associated with caring for a family member.

Caring for someone in need is the world’s most important job.

As a technologist, I wanted to make that job simpler. But why was it so hard to find a place to get organized, to manage small details and important information, store important documents, or just coordinate with other members of my family? Because organizing and managing a loved one’s information, such as a child’s or your parents’, is different than managing your own information. And as wonderful as today’s tools are in keeping you connected with your friends or colleagues, they’re based on a business model that doesn’t work for private, family information.

Schwartz was an active blogger at Sun Microsystems and it looks like he has taken the pen back up to carry the message for this new venture. Check out the CareZone Blog for more information.

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