Creating an Authentic Startup Brand

Over at the Piston Cloud Computing Blog, Gretchen Curtis discusses how important the relationship between brand and company culture is at Startup time.

When you’re at a startup, your brand will largely be communicated through your founders and outward-facing employees. So, before you dive into logo creation, take a bit of time to make sure that the brand you are creating can be reasonably carried out with your existing team. Got a CEO that only wears hoodies and flip flops? Maybe that very corporate-looking enterprise website isn’t a great idea. Got an humorously edgy and sarcastic founding team? Maybe the light, peppy and cheerful website copy isn’t exactly right for you. Sure, the visual design might initially attract the customers you want, but they will just as quickly turn away when they detect a dissonance between your visual design and behavior. The lack of trust this dissonance will create will be so subtle that it will happen without you or them even noticing.

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